Giorgio Armani once said: Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.”

If we would describe the fashion as we commemorate. Remembering, because fashion is  somewhat like human beings, the world and all living that is evolving. All what is, has been before, nothing is new everything has been restored. And yet today’s fashion looks different from the fashion of 100 years ago. Do we still find new things?

Handmade Design

Lillooët can best be described as a clothing line for cool little girls and boys with their own taste / will and perfect elegance. Elegance is of all times and fits best with people who are confident in life. Be Known, Heard and Seen with the style of ByLillooët.


To be Extraordinary you
do not have to be
like others, do not
compete, Just be You.
Create your own way,
vibe and style.

The colors of this coming season are completely hip and fashonable. We at ByLillooët used a few shades of it, but also come through with some of our favorite favorites. Where is the fun, if you only follow the Main route?

The most important thing is that clothes are comfortable and yet make sure you are on your upper game. Your own personal preference and style without having to interfere with the rest of the world. Yes, we are with billions and even more on this earth, it will definitely occur that styles match. That might be fun right? After all, we like to share common sense. Yet studies have also shown that we like to be unique to people. What we value as precious is that which is rare. What not everyone can have, but do want(in the end). We from ByLillooët try to combine the two. Handmade stands for unique, rare and no mass production. Adventurous creations but with a touch of the old-fashioned item as you prefer.

Bylillooët works on an exclusive collection that will be released in December and until then we will show fashion for everyday things in life, whether you are eating out, going to school, family or girlfriends, high tea. playing with the boys, or staying home. You want to feel good and comfy in your clothes, we take care of that.

The colors that are central this Autumn and Winter in our collections are: Bordeaux, Blue (Navy), Black, Brown, Oker (Yellow) and Old Pink. In addition, items will be added with other colors that we think it just adds up to your wardrobe. The first collection will consist mainly of Plain Jane items, after which in December (as mentioned earlier) our exclusive collection will be released.

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